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June 2017

  • Surviving cancer: food and lifestyle choices after cancer diagnosis are as important as treatment decisions such as radiation and chemotherapy
  • How much do lifestyle choices matter?
  • Getting started on your anti-cancer journey? Here are ways we can help.
  • Good Food, Great Medicine 2-part classes
  • Dr Hassell’s speaking events

May 2017

  • Questioning your doctor may be your best health care decision
  • So what are the right questions?
  • Critical thinking for critical times
  • Mea’s Oven Pancake
  • What is Dr. Hassell’s one-year health transformation program?
  • Dr Hassell’s speaking events

April 2017

  • Use the Mediterranean diet to fight depression with a knock-out punch
  • Fire up a few health transformation tools for your heart, mind, and body
  • Good Food, Great Medicine’s 4-week observational study results
  • Quinoa Salad with corn and radish
  • Health transformation toolbox
  • Dr Hassell’s speaking events

March 2017

  • Need some spring in your step? Join the 4-part class series by Miles Hassell MD at the NEW Providence Heart and Vascular Wellness Center
  • Let’s multi-task Mediterranean style
  • What’s BASECAMP? It’s where to start. . .
  • Your trail guide for a healthy heart
  • Good Food, Great Medicine summit club
  • Tartar Sauce
  • NEW! 4-part Good Food, Great Medicine cardiac wellness class series
  • Dr Hassell’s speaking events

February 2017

  • Let’s do our part for our hearts
  • Go beyond guideline-based medicine
  • How can you mend a broken heart?
  • Curious about George’s disappearing insulin?
  • NEW! Good Food, Great Medicine class series @ Providence’s new BASECAMP in the Cardiac Prevention + Wellness Center
  • Good Food, Great Medicine classes
  • Dr Hassell’s speaking events

January 2017

  • Got heartburn? Let’s stamp it out!
  • Are the medications for your acid reflux also increasing your risk of dementia?
  • GOAL: minimize or eliminate the need for heartburn medications with lifestyle choices
  • If you are taking PPIs. . .
  • A new year; why not a new you, too?
  • Good Food, Great Medicine classes
  • Dr Hassell’s speaking events

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